About Human Pride

Human Pride is an NGO in India working for the welfare of women, children and the underprivileged. We envision a fair and free world, by safeguardingĀ  human rights and thereby protecting Human Pride.

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Great moment for HUMAN PRIDE

Our Vision

We strive to operate in such a way that social development as a whole and not just certain parts of society can be enabled.
By safeguarding human rights and thus protecting human pride, we envisage a fair and free world.
We maintain and exercise the faith that by birth we are all equal and free.

Our Objectives

To provide scholarship/financial assistance to poor, needy students of primary, secondary and higher education and vocational centres for girls.
To organise medical camps for educating people about Cancer, Heart Disease, Asthama, HIV and also to provide medication to less fortunate.
To give effective & timely relief to people affected by natural disaster like floods, earthquakes, while educating them disaster management to save many lives.